Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Cancellations: No cancellations after 48 hours of payment.

2. MUISNESTE cannot be held liable for a defect that was in essence caused by the customer due to a lack of knowledge. MUISNESTE uses fashion industry trends and colour charts to clearly state the colours to all its customers and thus the responsibility to choose the right colour rests with the customer and not with MUISNESTE (Section 20, read with Section 55 and 56 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) )

2. Time frame: Production takes 3-4 weeks from date of payment

3. Refund policy: As this is a personal product we do not do accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective.

4. Consent: By accepting this quote you give MUISNESTE consent to use images captured of you, or images under your ownership that include our products for marketing purposes.

5. Courier: Total amount due before delivery.
Courier services used is CourierGuy or Prago. MUISNESTE takes no responsibility for courier company used.

6. XL = R50 extra due to material expenses

7. Fabric: The client agrees that in no instance will MUISNESTE be responsible for any colour shade changes that might have occurred. Since MUISNESTE has no control over the manufacturing of the fabrics being purchased, MUISNESTE cannot take the blame for colour changes. MUISNESTE will, however, ensure that all changes will be kept to a minimum. Please take note that our standard lace color is white except if another color has specifically been requested.

8. Colour chart: All colours displayed on our colour chart are MUISNESTE’s best effort at a match to the actual fabric colour. MUISNESTE takes no responsibility for differences in colour between the chart and actual goods received. Please note that to different screens colours may appear different than the actual colour intended.